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Baby Dayliner Returns With MP3, Heavy Airplay on KEXP - May 14, 2009

The Tenth Sexiest Everyday Man of 2008 has returned for some 2009 sexiness. This week, Baby Dayliner surfaced on KEXP 90.3 with his new song "You Push, I'll Go." The very dance-able, very catchy track has everything we've come to expect from Baby D - detailed lyrics, layered rhythms, and a matter-of-fact-but-still-smooth croon. (For curious listeners, the song's available for download here. To stream, click the blue triangle.) For those in the NYC area, Baby Dayliner is also DJ'ing as a guest tonight on KEXP's To The Five Boroughs, hosted by John Richards. The show begins 8:00 ....continue....

Baby Dayliner Named One of Ten Sexiest Everyday Men of 2008 - November 21, 2008

Baby Dayliner was recently named The Tenth Sexiest Everyday Man of 2008 by Jezebel, a pop culture extension of the Gawker empire that handles "celebrity, sex, [and] fashion for women." Placed on the list behind Obama (understandable), Rahm Emanuel (questionable), and the Mac guy (wtf?), Baby D comes off looking like the suave man we know he is - praised for his resemblance to Kevin Bacon and his musical talent, Baby Dayliner "[puts] on a command performance with his clothes on." With them on! If the man's got you all hot and bothered, be sure to ....continue....

Baby Dayliner Now Playing With Live Band - May 23, 2008

After a quiet winter and spring, Baby Dayliner has surfaced in time for summer, playing the Found Sound Launch Party last night at Brooklyn's Southpaw. As fans present at the gig might have noticed, however, Baby Dayliner left his suitcase of gear at home to play backed by a full, live band. Many thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for breaking the news while praising Baby D's "one of a kind" style. Look out for more Baby Dayliner shows this summer (including one at the Mercury Lounge on June 21st) and be sure to check back here for ....continue....

Baby Dayliner Brings the Party - June 18, 2007

At the end of this month Crackers United and KEXP present Friction, "a DIY monthly concert series highlighting New York City's most up-and-coming bands along with the hottest buzzed about touring acts and DJs." Deep breath. This one has Baby Dayliner headlining a showcase of electro-pop bands Tigercity, Zigimat, and Freer.

Get ready to dance.

Baby Dayliner at Insound, on Amazon and YouTube - May 22, 2006

"Hello, this is Baby Dayliner. Please leave a message." Say what? Here's what: is currently running a contest connected to the release of Critics Pass Away. If you purchase a copy through the site you will be entered to be one of three customers to win a customized answering machine message from the man himself. Click here for details. That's not the only dot-com joining the Baby Dayliner revolution. BD has also contributed a list of "Music You Should Hear" to Read this list of his influences and infatuations from ....continue....

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